Should You Invest in IT Business Support?

Is your business growing to a point where you are unsure if you should invest in outside IT Business support or not? This is a question that should not be taken lightly. Instead you want to consider what areas IT support can help you with, and if it is worthwhile. Quite often hiring a support team is a better choice than relying on an in-house specialist.

Some of the areas covered by IT Business support include things such as:

  • Data installation and design
  • Server installations
  • Network installations & security
  • IT Security
  • Email systems
  • Wireless networking
  • Networking
  • Microsoft Networks

IT Business support comes in many different forms. Support services are offered by highly specialized companies as well as by a smaller companies offering lower levels of support. At the higher level the IT support person may be fully versed in all types of computer languages that you may or may not require. Obviously you do not want to pay for items that you have no need of.

Your first choice then is to consider which areas you need IT support for. Do you need to upgrade your servers, are you looking at cloud computing, do you need a support or help desk for your business? Or do you just need a way to back up your files and systems?

The next item to consider is your budget, how much money are you willing to invest on a monthly or yearly basis for this type of support? If your budget is fairly low then consider looking at cloud computing options. These can be quite extensive and have monthly costs that fluctuate depending upon your needs.

Certain things like finding backup solutions and creating a help desk can be done without the use of a dedicated IT person. Drop box and Box dot com offer great plans for the small business. Help desk software such as Zendesk is becoming more popular, plus it works from the cloud. This means that you could hire a virtual assistant to check on support tickets for you.

When it comes to installing or moving servers then an IT specialist can be more helpful. They have the expertise to know exactly what system would work the best for your business needs. Many IT support companies will offer a free consultation, which can help put you on the right track.

Before deciding one way or the other, identify your needs. Then, call us to find out about our many affordable options for your support needs.