Whether you want to run your entire infrastructure in the cloud or only certain components IBT has the cloud services for you.

Cloud Desktop Environments

Access your desktops from anywhere without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. This results in decreased administrative costs by updating multiple desktops at once. Desktop views can be shared when dedicated machines are not needed. Data is not left on the end user device, including public computers or lost mobile devices. New devices can be added in minutes. This can be very useful for offices and remote locations that do not have an IT staff.

Disaster Recovery

 Cloud data backup and real-time replication to cloud servers allows continuous back-up with a seamless transition to physical machines. Data is fully encrypted and data retention settings are fully customizable. Intelligent disaster recovery enables you to restore lost information with little to no business interruption.

Back-office and Email SaaS Applications

Through the ease of implementation with pre-configured solutions you never have to worry about purchasing software upgrades. Complete solutions that include network monitoring, scheduling, inventory & process management as well as workflow and ticket management.